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            × 08.10.2017

            About me

            Hey! My name is Ethan Hart, I am from Camden - Shooting weddings around Southern Highlands & Sydney (available anywhere).

            I have been shooting weddings since 2015, before that I was shooting skating and event/festival events. I have always been so passionate about capturing moments in motion.

            In 2015 I was asked to shoot my friends wedding - since then I have never looked back. Another wedding branched from that, since then it has snowballed and turned into a business.

            Being able to capture one of, if not the most important day in a couples lives the way I see it and turning into a piece of cinematic art is something I truly love. Every wedding day I am constantly searching for them subtle, often unnoticed moments between couples and capturing it in my own way.

            Head over to "about me" to find out more about me, and the way I work!

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