Hi, I’m Ethan, I love a good coffee, love a cute doggo, I love exploring and I love making films.

        Some time in the early high school days my mum bought me my first ever DSLR. I started off making video’s at the skatepark, music video’s and generally filming anything I thought was cool – down the years this lead me into shooting my first wedding for my boss. Since then I have been obsessed with making wedding films.

        Making wedding videos is something I am super grateful for, and a dream job I luckily fell into. Being able to capture one of the funnest days of a couples lives and turning it into a fun-romantic film is something I love doing.

        A big part about my work is the preparation shots, I’m a big believer in getting there in the morning when the makeup/hair is getting done, capturing those moments between your best friends and family is a crucial piece of a final film. I like to be there from the start of the day, until the end of the night. Stitching your day together from start to finish, makes for a great story.

        I like to be as “ninja” as possible, most of the times I am blending into the crowd, hiding behind a bush or behind a sneaky pillar. I keep everything to a minimalistic level, not interfering with your day, it’s about YOU and only YOU.

        With every film that I craft, I put all of myself into it. Everything I see and feel on the day comes to life on a screen. Sewing together light, motion and beautiful moments Into my work is what I do best.

        I capture raw, authentic moments – not poses.

        Let’s make some magic!!